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Next Civic League Meeting: Tuesday, May 8th, 2018
Providence Presbyterian Church, 5497 Providence Road, 7:00 p.m.

Homestead Online

Welcome to the Homestead Civic League Website. This online tool is an additional resource to provide our residents with information. Within this Website you can find:

• Homestead's annual calendar of events.
A bulletin board featuring information    pertinent to Homestead residents.
Recent "Homesteader" newsletters.
Homestead Civic League ByLaws.
Schools in the school district to which    Homestead is assigned.
Civic League membership and meetings    information.

History of Homestead
The property which is today known as Homestead was purchased and developed by the well-known Tidewater housing developer, W.W. Reasor. He acquired approximately 90 acres of land from William F. Hudgins, Jr. in December 1963. Mr. Hudgins, a life-long resident of Virginia Beach, farmed the land for many years. After a visit to the famous Homestead Resort in Hot Springs, Virginia, he named the first road which was cut onto the property Homestead Road. Mr. Reasor decided Homestead would make a very appropriate name for this development of approximately 200 residential home sites.

A search of official records at the Courthouse reveals that in November of 1893 W.B. Frizzell and B.F. Davis purchased the land from M. Penrose Allen of Philadelphia, PA for $504.68.

Parts excerpted from the 1984 Homestead Civic League directory, preface prepared by Mrs. Stephen Sekeres, Jr.
Quote from the Reverend Cecil Chambers of Richmond, during a visit to the Horton home on Hillview Boulevard, circa 1970s.

Civic League Officers
Karen Nuszkiewicz
Vice President: 
Gary Medlin
Kristen Harris
Donna Zerby
Committee Chairs
Mary Glynn
Block Party: 
Darren Drake
Todd McGovern
Dues Collection: 
Ginger Boyer
Front Entrance: 
Mike Rheinhart
Front Entrance 
Bulletin Board: 
Chris Epstein
Holiday Party: 
Gary Medlin
Gary Medlin
Pam Clements
Ted Ring
Donna & Julian Baker
Yard Sale:
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