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History of Homestead

The property which is today known as Homestead was purchased and developed by the well-known Tidewater housing developer, W.W. Reasor. He acquired approximately 90 acres of land from William F. Hudgins, Jr. in December 1963. Mr. Hudgins, a life-long resident of Virginia Beach, farmed the land for many years. After a visit to the famous Homestead Resort in Hot Springs, Virginia, he named the first road which was cut onto the property Homestead Road. Mr. Reasor decided Homestead would make a very appropriate name for this development of approximately 200 residential home sites.

A search of official records at the Courthouse reveals that in November of 1893 W.B. Frizzell and B.F. Davis purchased the land from M. Penrose Allen of Philadelphia, PA for $504.68.

Parts excerpted from the 1984 Homestead Civic League directory, preface prepared by Mrs. Stephen Sekeres, Jr.